What kind of fertilizer for hemp, at home

What the best fertilizer for growing cannabis outdoors.

What the best fertilizer for growing cannabis outdoors

Mineral nutrition of cannabis in the early stages of growth, along with organic not only improves the quantity of the harvest, but also positively affects the quality of cannabis. Feeding plants with nitrogen and phosphorus and nitrogen-potassium mixture will give better results than if you use only phosphorus with potassium, which help plants growing on peat lands. Another excellent fertilizer for peat soils is pyrite calcine, which contains copper of about 0.3 – 0.5% or factory granular fertilization (superphosphate), but you can try organic, it’s superphosphate with compost and bird, sheep droppings.

For acidic soils, use of phosphate flour. According to information received from station farm work in Kursk, after the improved harvest in 12 kg of seeds at the rate of 1 – 2 quintals 1 ha.

From potash dressings applied: potassium chloride, kainit, sylvinite, potash salt. Positive results will be after using 3 to 10 kg of ash out of the oven for 1 ha At sowing hemp, each series paid the superphosphate in the granules or NPK, based on 1 ha plot is introduced 15 kg of superphosphate. Besides, it’s much more effective than if I had to use it in the spread, then had to spend several times above the norm.

Early fertilizer marijuana is carried out using a nitrogen-phosphorus components initially used for seed plots and plants stunted. For feeding hemp at home give manure per 1 ha area 5 – 6 t solution diluted 3 – 5 times in water. Bird droppings in the amount of 7 to 10 kg, ammonium nitrate, 45 kg, superphosphate – 30 – 45 kg p 2 o 5 and K – 30 to 40 kg K2O per 1 ha.