The growing of avocado at home

The avocado, the useful properties for men and women.

The avocado, the useful properties for men and women.

The avocado trees, is a kind of laurel and is an evergreen tree, up to 10-20 m. In height, comes from Mexico and Peru.Growing The avocado is permissible only where the climate is tropical or subtropical, and we can find it in the southern part of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

The avocado is a berry, big, oblong, it is covered with smooth or slightly rough shell of dark and white color. The soft part of it is delicate, like a walnut. The stone of avocado may be to one kilogram in weight.Since the flowering tree and to fruit formation it pass from 6 to 8 months, and if it is the latter variety of tree, then 12. The fruit is ripe and ready to use, since the darkening of its color. The store of fruit can be long enough at 4-7°C.

We can grown the avocado also at home, but the air in the room must be very wet. The growing of avocado at home begins with the fruit stones,you have to plant it, the shoots will appear next month. The tree likes a lot of light, the capacity in which it grows, we should put on the sill south or east of the house. It will be good to take off avocado in the summer on the area. You should water them with warm water, and you can’t allow the drying of the soil. You should fed avocado in the spring and summer, twice a month. We need to replant the tree each year into a new area, the soil mix with peat, leaves, humus, river sand in equal portions, as a result, it must be loosened so that to absorb water and saturate the roots of oxygen. But you do not think that if you plant a tree, give the fertilizer, well care for it, in the next year there will be fruit. The harvest you will eat only in 3-5 years, and in the room – it is a seldom case and the tree must already be big, and adult.

The avocado, the useful properties for men and women

We should also mention about the useful properties of avocado, they contain fats that are easily digested, and it can replace meat in the number of calories. Also in the avocado are lecithin, vitamins A, B, D, E, H and K. From the meat is made for women cosmetics, oils, gels, emulsions, they make the skin soft and velvety. We can eat avocado raw as the food. You can process avocado heat treatment, but because of tannin that contains in the fruit,the cooked product would taste bitter. We can add the avocado to salty foods, in desserts, but do it at the very end, because in a brushed shape it quickly darkens. It will great in the salads in the company of such ingredients as mushrooms, ham, caviar, lemon and mayonnaise.

It is recommended to eat these fruits for the patients with diabetes, and people with the violation of the digestive system.