How and why we must do the furrowing of fruit trees

A furrow on the bark of a tree. How and why to do this?

A furrow on the bark of a tree. How and why to do this?

The books, magazines about the gardening that are printed in last time, substantially are free of the materials of furrowing berry – fruit trees. It is logically, why the gardeners do not know why they should furrow the bark of fruit trees. But, the procedure is a major and quite productive.

You should make the furrowing in the third year after planting a seedling. So that to do this,you can take the garden knife and draw a strip of the southern part of the trunk, from the part of the trunk that grows from the soil up to the branches, with the cutting of bark. It will pass only a month and a wounds on the tree overgrown, on the site of the grooves, will appear a new bark, the trunk will be thicker and strong. To furrow the fruit trees is better in April. You should do this on the third year at the east side of the tree, then to the west and north. When you did the furrowing on the all sides of the tree, do not forget to re- process the twelve year cycle, but at the same time try not to get in the previous wound. By the way,it is quite difficult to do, the wounds overgrown with a strong bark and it isn’t simple to see them. As a result, the gardeners get the trees with strong and sturdy trunks, with the well-developed leaves, and that is much important – there are much higher level of harvest in comparison to the trees, which had not the furrowing.

Here is an example of life, in 1993 from the apple tree of the kind “Snow kalvil” I gathered the harvest of 680 kg. It’s planted 35 years ago, the thickness of the trunk has a diameter of 40 cm and the leafage a diameter of 7m. Over the same time period when the apple trunk wasn’t furrow, it was only 25 cm. It becomes known, with the practice, that the breaking the crust, as if the real barbarians, you increase the defense system, and tree, significantly improve its growth. So, we have only the use by the furrowing.

If you open the Ukrainian agricultural encyclopedia, you can read the information that it is recommend to furrow not only the trunk and main branches of the tree. Also, one can treat a variety of wounds with tree bark.