Almonds are low, a description of

Description almond bush or steppe low bobovnik, photo

Description almond bush or steppe low bobovnik, photo

Almonds are low – the first bush, which opens the flowering season, among other shrubs and trees. The growth of the plant is not large, only 150 centimeters thick crown and shape similar to the sphere. Its branches grow straight, have a lot of short sprouts, leafy long 5-6 centimeters. During flowering bush has an unusually beautiful view of pink flowers and a marvelous aroma nobody can remain indifferent in passing.

Steppenwolf bobovnik or low bush almond loves light and fertile soil. Suffer from the debate can to escape this need to put on the high places that are protected from the wind.

Fruit oval almond and coated with fuzzy felt, buds gray shell sand. When autumn comes, it laid bare bush and shrub decorates fluffy balls on the branches. In winter, cut some branches with the fruits and seeds are left to ripen until August.

Transplants do not like almonds, it is better to propagate by means of seeding.