Reproduction of black raspberries

How to propagate black raspberries from cutting yourself

How to propagate black raspberries from cutting yourself

Author loves raspberries, especially, he likes to grow black raspberries on your own site. Black raspberries has the disadvantage – many thorns, moreover, it needs more care than the usual raspberries.

If you take good care of raspberries, time to feed, water in sufficient quantity to trim branches, it can generate up to three meters in height. To get this result, you must choose the best branch of black raspberries for planting.

By putting the plant in the autumn of the year, in the spring it will grow faster and will release on each side shoots, and then have to take care with the utmost care for the bush. In June and July the plant branches should be cut in half if you want results. To further dilute the bush, do not shorten processes, they will stoop to the ground and take root there. raspberry branches do not need to be separated from the bush. With the advent of the fall of them will be young bushes with thick roots and remove them, but do not touch the germs. In the spring they are formed and shoots will bloom on each branch raspberry bush get about 15 fruits. Children especially like to eat these berries, fruit compote and they will fit, giving it a subtle flavor and taste.

In addition, the black raspberry bushes are useful for fences. Planted it along the plot, dig bars and tension wire, so it is convenient and easy to tie raspberry bushes.