Felt cherry cultivation, pruning

Felt bush or Chinese cherry garden

Felt bush or Chinese cherry in the garden, photo and description. How to grow, take care. Pests and diseases of trees

Came felt cherry orchards in Ukraine and the Russian Far East. You can hear many other name of this handicraft wood, the most common of which – tomentosa wood, Chinese cherry, fruit tree cherry Anda and fluffy. From the familiar terrain of our cherries, special honors will be lowered leaves. Fruiting is a beautiful tree on branches, at the age of 2 years (if grafted tree), and the seedlings bring tasty for 4 years. On average, from one bush can collect up to 8 kg of fruit. it is recommended to plant it near the cherry varieties, capable to pollinate other trees for pollination. For the growth of the Chinese cherry house in the garden it is recommended to choose a site with light soil or sand. Since winters tree is fine, no need to worry once again because of the safe areas and shelters for the bush. There were times when the bush experienced temperatures down to 35 degrees. I would also note that the summer heat is also experiencing a cherry quietly, however, after a heavy watering and heavy rains can easily be lost. Care is required, as you can see.

Felt cherry breeding

Multiply the bush almost every way possible. From seeds and cuttings ending. It is very convenient and does not cause additional problems for gardeners. Diseases felt cherries can not often meet, probably the worst pests are aphids, Jose scale and, of course, moth. These pests will be excellent “work” on your garden favorite.