Growing strawberries in bags all year round

Photos, description of the process of planting and cultivation of strawberries in bags, at home, all year round

Photos, description of the process of planting and cultivation of strawberries in bags, at home, all year round

I think everyone knows that strawberries grow in the beds, bears fruit in the early summer. However, the joy does not last long: in 15-20 days is necessary to forget about the fresh berries. Fortunately, the really good strawberry varieties can produce 3 times the harvest. This process will take from June to November, all the year round.

There is a way, which you do not know exactly. This is the cultivation of strawberries in plastic bags, which has many advantages. First, the breeding favorite berries you where your heart desires! Secondly, the harvest throughout the year. And of course the number of strawberries you will not disappoint.

If the room to grow quite spacious, you can put bags of seedlings of several floors. So you get up to thirty kilograms per square meter.
This will not only bring joy to your household members, will join the purse, but maybe you have a new favorite activity appears. This cultivation of strawberries requires a minimum of time and effort!

You will need:

  • Plastic bags;
  • The basis of the land, organic fertilizer, peat;
  • Seedlings strawberry;
  • Knife;
  • Special room;
  • Lamps (without daylight).

If you’re done – Getting Started. The bags thickness of about 0.5 millimeters. We pour the prepared soil mixture. It is important to remember that the length of the bag should be about 15-20 cm, height – about 2.2 meters. Otherwise the plant will be uncomfortable, consequently the crop will get less. The bags decompose stripes with a distance of 45 centimeters. If enough space, you can put the bags in 2 layers. Baggies staggered incised at a distance of 23-26 cm, where one is planted seedlings. It does not matter when the plant strawberries. It is important to maintain the conditions necessary for a favorable growth and development of plants. As mentioned above, you need a lamp in a dark room, because the strawberry loves light. They should include 15 hours a day. This should be done to the plant feel in a familiar environment. If the sun’s rays illuminate enough strawberries, additional light sources are not needed.

Do not forget about watering. The bags need to be watered every day. To land is not heated, it is necessary to build a ventilation system, to get rid of seedlings from excessive heat. When moisture in the ground may appear fungus that causes various diseases. “Hothouse” The temperature should be about 22 degrees.

Using these small tips, you can please yourself and your family a delicious and abundant crop.