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Planting, care, growing Turkish cloves, description and a photo

Planting, care, growing Turkish cloves, description and a photo

This type of carnation “guest” of Southern Europe. Treat perennials. When growing shrub reaches no less than 55 centimeters, the flowers are not large. Coloring is essentially the same as the Dutch stud, but there are purple, they are velvety and have a very pleasant smell. This type is popular with gardeners, suitable for beds and for cutting.

Propagation via seeds occurs. It will grow well if it is protected from wind gusts, loves sunshine and fertile soil. Sowing should be at the end of May or early June, and be sure to cool teplichke. Decimate need only once to each bores was located 5 cm apart.

Seedlings will be ready by the beginning of August, and then will be ready to leave their permanent place. The next spring need to loosen the soil and do not forget about feeding, fertilizer is the best choice. When the drought is abundantly humidify the street. Flowering have to the middle of June, and for several months continues to enjoy its beauty.

An interesting fact that the stud is not only beautiful, but also useful, this flower oils are used to create a perfume. Also plant used in medicine.

Due to its resistance to drought, it can be grown on sandy soils in the southern regions. Delicate smell of cloves has a positive effect on the nervous system.