Chokeberry, planting at home

Photos, description, black chokeberry, landing near the house

Photos, description, black chokeberry, landing near the house

Chokeberry – is a small tree or shrub of the family Pink. Fruit – small, black, sweet and sour berries with a tart flavor, which are famous for the incredible benefit. They are not only rich in vitamin B, but also contain iodine, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, boron, fluorine, organic acids, pectins and many others. How to put this sort of mountain ash, now we will tell.

Aronia plant manually. First you need to prepare a hole 30 centimeters deep, 40 centimeters wide. The soil must necessarily be fertile, loose and podkormlennoy. If the soil poor, we need to enrich it with organic and mineral fertilizers. It is important to note that when fertilizing the ground, holes must be done by 10 centimeters deep. If you decide to plant shrubs scale, it is better to treat the desired area cultivator. This will greatly facilitate the work. Tagging is often done in two ways. Further along the marked section of the plow dig depressions in which to put the seedlings. Also for digging holes Hole-borer is used with an appropriate diameter drill. Prepare the soil is best in the fall, since the spring, you can simply do not have time, because Rowan loves to blossom early.

On large plantations planted rowan using special harvesters. This method is considered to be the fastest and most effective.

Before planting the seedlings to be treated with a special mixture of water, fatty clay, manure. If you can not find the right components, you can prepare peat or clay-dung mixture.

Owning a light soil (which contains a lot of sand) it is recommended to put on a shrub of 5-7 centimeters, heavy (more dense) – 2-4 centimeters deeper than they grew before.

To plant a mountain ash can not only young seedlings. Most three-year or fifteen-year bush transplanted from one place to another. So they quickly take root and bear fruit in the year of the transplant. For safe and fast digging planting bulldozers used.

For rapid increase in the scale of the cultural divide and transplant seedlings fruiting with the help of modern machinery and other equipment.

You learned how to plant chokeberry. But this is not all that is needed. Important in this Delhi – patience and love of nature.