Care violets at home

Care violets at home, the description and photo

Care violets at home, the description and photo

If you want to make the flowering biennial flower, it is necessary to develop a shrub. First you need to prepare in advance the soil, fertilize, moisturize and equalize. Next, the case for seed sowing is late May early June and should be in a cold frame or a bed.

The resulting seedlings are planted in late August. We need to be seated at a distance of not less than 15 centimeters from each other.

Since last autumn, under the violet area should be dug, to a depth of 25 centimeters and generously fertilized. In the first year after planting, take care of the plant is not difficult, you only need from time to time to loosen the soil, weeding and watering the course.

When spring comes violets need to feed fertilizers. To prepare the solution, you will need: ammonium nitrate (50 g), superphosphate (35 g), potassium chloride (15 grams). Immediately prior to the fertilizer should be watered with plain water.

The next “dose” of fertilizer should be carried out in the period of the appearance of buds. The composition will remain the same, the dosage change (nitrate 15 g 35 g Phosphate, Potassium 5 g). If you do everything right violets will bloom well.