Lily breeding methods

Methods of breeding roses, description and a photo

Methods of breeding roses, description and a photo

Propagated by seeds lilies need at much gives it greater seed yield, each stem is able to give from 5 to 15 thousand seeds, depending on species. This method lily retains its form. You can also reproduce vegetatively by using bulbs, stems and leaves.

For the cultivation of “seedlings” sow their need, in February, in a light, moist soil (a mixture of earth and sand). Then we put in a warm place and regularly moisturizing, only gently.

We take out our seedlings in the garden in late April or early May. It is already possible to plant in the ground, but first, prepare and fertilize the soil in early June. Do not forget to moisturize the site in a timely manner.

The flowering period occurs in a few years. Some species can be sown in the ground before winter. Already in the spring lily sprout the following year begins its bloom.

Reproduction bulbs produced in the autumn. Separated bulbs can be planted immediately after the division, the depth should be no more than 20 centimeters, depending on the species. Bloom also will begin next year.

Another method of reproduction is a “kids”, they appear under the ground near the stem and planted immediately after removing them, the depth is not more than 5 centimeters. How do you know whether the mature bulb? It is easy, when you touch to it should be well separated. Flowering occurs after a couple of years.

To duplicate using the scales, they need to be separated and put into two-thirds of the total length necessary to prepare in advance a container of moist sand or earth.

It is necessary to closely monitor the moisture, not fill, and wet, and stay, they should at not less than 18 and not more than 20 degrees, it is necessary to scales formed on the bulb. And they will appear after 80-90 days. You can sit in the spring or in autumn. The flowering period occurs on the 3rd, 4th year.

Also, there is a method of reproduction stems. The stalk is separated from the bulbs immediately after flowering has ended, and the seeds are ripe, and immediately planted in the prepared place, it can be a hothouse ground. Within 30-40 days in the land of “born” bulbs up to 15 pieces. Flowering will start in this or next year.

Easily propagated lily leaves that are cut off at the time of the birth of the bud. Pluck is from above, the number of leaves should not exceed 6-8. Further, the same pattern as with the scales.

Planting the leaves need to tilt. At the expiration of 1.5-2 months uh appear bulbs.