Planting in containers

Beautiful flowers in containers in the garden

Beautiful flowers in containers in the garden

For the planting of various plants, flowers, vases in containers, you must first close the drain hole stone, so as not to give the land of sleep.

Next, fill the pot with soil and rub the breast of the earth. Make careful not to disturb the root system of the plant, placed at the same depth as it was in the same place. Make sure that all the plants were placed vertically.

Now a little compactable soils around. You may also want to add a special fertilizer tablets, it slowly releases nutrients slowly and fertilizes the plant.

And at the end, pour in a layer of pebbles or gravel, this will help prevent the emergence of weeds. Yet thanks to the gravel water will linger and moisturize the flower. And of course, it serves as an additional design. Important in planting, correct its development – moderate watering.

Very soon take root and flower will give you beauty, dispelling a pleasant fragrance in the house. Or expose container with flowers, after landing in the garden for guests to just snog beauty grown you!