Lawn care in different seasons

Lawn care with your hands. Getting rid of weeds, mowing the lawn right, fertilize, water and hold soil aeration

Lawn Care with your hands. Getting rid of weeds, mowing the lawn right, fertilize, water and hold soil aeration

It does not matter just planted grass or have grown, a lot of effort to care is not required. The main thing to know some of the rules, which we’ll tell!

Proper mowing and mowing the lawn!

To be healthy lawn, it needs to be properly cut and mow. Looking after the lawn you can have fun at the same time engaging and enjoyable, and useful. After all, every gardener like to do your favorite thing. First, let’s not too overgrown grass.

When the lawn is growing thick grass, you will sometimes remove the small straw so that it does not adversely impact on the pitch. In this case, use garden rakes fan (scarifying). For small areas of the rake will be enough, but if the area is very large – you can use a cultivator. If the grass has grown without any problems and the saturated bright color, then pay attention to the straw is not worth it in itself rot and become fertilizer for the lawn. Watch out for fallen leaves and remove it in a timely manner. Use a rake or if you have – the garden vac.

Mowing lawn edges, the basic rules!

One of the most important parts of the lawn – a neat edge. It so happens that the ground under the grass and sand light of this it crumbles. To avoid trouble every year in the spring to handle the edge of the lawn to keep it clear. Use a shovel of ground badly and make an incision vertically, somewhere around 8 centimeters in depth. The edges can be smooth, for this, use a wooden plank, if a semi-circle – Use a hose. Exactly, measure unnecessary corners and cut them. To either give it to take root around the edges – remove excess grass.

Lawn care, evergreen lawn photo!

Lawn care, evergreen lawn photo!

How to get rid of weeds on the lawn?

To improve the appearance of the lawn is better to deal with pesky weeds. Some gardeners only welcome the weed. But weed crushes the root system of the grass, it becomes dry and sometimes fades. Cut off the pest conventional clippers or unnecessary kitchen knife. Tops noxious weeds like carrots stems, but the types of weeds on the lawn, there are many. Adult weeds have special means of poison, but you know, you need to have time to process before flowering weed, otherwise he will have time to throw out the seeds.

Control of moss

How to get rid of the moss on the lawn? Do not let moss breed, immediately delete it. It appears moss on the lawn in the shade or if the winter was with slush. But this is not a big issue, the main time to correct the problem. Get rid of the moss can be treated with a special section of the herbicide, at the same time you need to feed and process the land, it will help you achieve the desired result. Also, the mower can help in the fight when growing “army” of moss – adjust the height. Do not interfere, trimming a bush or trees that make shadow over the lawn.

Drainage for the lawn (aeration), improve!

Many throughout the summer actively use the lawn, thereby trample down the soil, which results in an insufficient amount of water, air and nutrients that should come to the roots for normal development. To improve the drainage is better to work on the maxim give access to fresh air and water. It should do this in late August or early September. Use is not large garden fork and make a hole depth of not less than 8 cm, the distance between the holes must be 5 centimeters in all problem areas. To enlarge the hole slightly move the handle.

Following the procedure, fertilize the soil, the earth fell asleep and coarse sand.

Following all of the above tips, your lawn at the cottage or in the garden at different times of the year like spring or autumn in August, will for many years to please the eye with their beauty.

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