Delphinium, description

Planting, care, growing delphinium, description and a photo

Planting, care, growing delphinium, description and a photo

Such an amazing title, buttercup family acquired because of the similarities bud with the head of a dolphin. This kind of plant is cultivated in America and Asia.

By itself, its wonderful flower varieties and colors. Decorates her stunning beauty beds blue flower, there are many kinds. Purple, blue, white, purple and many others. The views are simply mesmerizing, pass, do not admire not possible.

Flower size is from 5 to 9 centimeters in diameter. Just a different form of the flower, round, double and even look like stars.

Delphinium Hybrid – is the name of a group of varieties, combined with our and foreign species. The plant is well tolerate frost and drought, as it is a perennial.

The stem grows at least 60 centimeters, but this is not the limit, 160 centimeters of its normal height, and in some cases can reach up to 180 centimeters. Flowering have to the end of May beginning of June.

From the variety of grades will depend on how much will be on a flower inflorescences. The number ranges from 60 to 100 flowers. The inflorescence can be pyramidal or oval, up to one meter long. Flowering continues throughout the two weeks of the inflorescence.