Savannah breed goats

The breed of meat goat - Savannah, photos, description, characterization and breeding for home detention

The breed of meat goat – Savannah, photos, description, characterization and breeding for home detention

Savannah – a breed of goat meat production with productive qualities like Boer goats. Animals fattened large, so goes a lot of high-quality meat. If dub rocks Savannah goats and Boer, the latter inferior in endurance. Pedigree Savannah not whimsical, they do not require large amounts of feed and specific conditions. These goats often crossed with other species with the aim to impart them to increase endurance and meat quality. Often Savannah crossed not only with beef breeds, but also milk.

Exterior goats is no different than something special. The trunk is large, oblong, dense with well-developed muscular system. At home, the females reach 80-90 kg, and males – up to 115 kg. The head is small, the nose has a bend, but still more like a straight Roman profile, small ears erect. In the majority of goats in the neck and chest skin folds are formed in goats found at the measure. Horns are well developed, they are placed far apart. The coat is short and not very thick skin is light. The most common coat color is not solid color with a lot of dark spots. Also, dark, almost black, horns, hooves and snout. Since the rocks belong to beef, it is natural that the udder developed defective.

Savannah males have horns of medium size, which are often used, so the breed is considered more dangerous, because they often exhibit aggressiveness. But perhaps this is the only disadvantage of the breed.

Savannah Females have a well-developed maternal instinct. Very prolific, in one litter can cause up to 4 kids. Typically a goat is capable of fully breastfed all of their kids, but it does happen that the milk may not be enough, while some goats may lag behind in development. In their natural habitat, so that natural selection was carried out, where to continue his life could only strong individuals. In our time, the weak kids can be fed artificially.

Because of these strict selection criteria in Savannah formed such traits as powerful jaws, strong teeth, strong legs (to standing on its hind legs, a goat could reach the leaves on the trees). They are not afraid neither heat nor cold.

By combining all the positive qualities of the Savannah breed of goats, we can say that a good beef breed is still a good search.

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