Appenzeller goat

Photos, description Appenzeller breed goats, characterization, milk production for home breeding

Photos, description Appenzeller breed goats, characterization, milk production for home breeding

Representatives of the Appenzeller breed goats were removed the hard way, and it took quite a long time to breed could be brought to mankind so what it is actually. For many centuries, the territories of the Swiss cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen deduced species that in their own genetic fund has more kinship with known species – Zaanen. As is well known, both types are types of goat milk to representatives. Almost always, the two varieties used for the production of high-quality dairy products.

If we consider the statistics on the number of representatives Appenzeller goats, then clearly we can see that over the last century, or rather, decades, breed more disappeared, and only in recent years the species has been seen, studied, and now their number is growing every day and demand is increasing every year. But looking statistics in areas where pets have been withdrawn, despite the restoration of Representatives, Appenzeller considered only local species, which belongs to the indigenous native cantons.

For its own conformation data, pets have the following characteristics: a medium-sized, powerful physique, and a goat’s body is much wider than that of the goats; strong legs, which are harmoniously located in the proportions of the whole body; horns breed entirely absent, a similar phenomenon is also called the hornless; male representative of the variety has a live weight of 60-65 kg, and height – 80-90 cm; Women’s representative has the weight class from 40 to 45 kg and a height of about 75-85 cm.

Externally, the pets have a long woolen cloak, with a beautiful, snow-white color, which is genetically inherent Appenzeller species. Productivity of species is relatively quite high. Thus, for laktatsiozny period (which period lasts 250-270 days), goats produced from 700 to 800 liters of high quality milk.

Dairy product, developed pets, shows the presence of fat and 2.9% protein and inherent therein – 2.7%.

Although the breed is characterized by its own endurance and unpretentiousness, still it is better to dispense with the breed and in good conditions, because the quality of the living conditions of the animals depends on the quality and benefits that bring representatives of the Appenzeller species.

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