kkerman pigeons

Photos, description Akkerman breed pigeons, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Akkerman breed pigeons, characteristic for home breeding

The first representative of the breed pigeons Akkerman was placed in the former fortress areas Acker-man (where, strictly speaking, does the name), which is located on the right hand bank of the famous Dnieper estuary. This breed is all presented as a kind of flight, and the flight is very rare (deep) species of Bessarabia. Eventually dvuchubye Bessarabian or Chisinau (main competitors Akkerman representatives) pigeons lost their own flight qualities, due to the reduction of such benefits, as well as the loss of a large population, a variety of Akkerman became more and more progress and soon became the best and quite popular in the territories of Bessarabia and especially in Chisinau. So, in principle, and it is still in the category of representatives of a variety of Akkerman has no equal.

For conformation personal data provided by a variety of the following characteristics: a medium-sized, round head, on which are placed two forelock (front forelock more flattened, and the rear is growing from one ear to the other); Akkerman pigeon beak has a white color and has a greater length compared to the Bessarabian dvuchubym dove (which affects the ability of the excellent and affordable feeding young birds); eyes almost always red or bright orange, rich red with age; small, rough trunk that harmonizes with poultry housing; legs do not have feathers, either generally or possess a minimum.

Externally Ackerman are completely different colors feathers: bright red, black or dark gray, yellow, pure white, and often come across a bird with a bluish or purple tint perinok.

Different kind of low Sidqi presented and excellent quality Vertunov, it is known that during the time the birds can make double vert with the incident.

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