Mirror duck

Photos, description, characteristic of the breed mirror duck breeding for home and contents

Photos, description, characteristic of the breed mirror duck breeding for home and contents

Breed mirror duck created artificially in the aisles Kuchinsky poultry plant that reside on the territory of Russia. This happened in the mid-20th century, when local experts decided to cross with the Beijing duck and Khaki Campbell to get good meat breed. The process was delayed a bit, but as a result of prolonged ripening robots turned out high-quality duck meat. Although, for such positive properties, the breed is not gained much popularity among the poultry farmers, but in small quantities are grown on small farms. Mirror duck still has a beautiful plumage, which was easy to distinguish it from other breeds of ducks.

Mirror ducks are medium-heavy type of mature drakes maximum reach of 4 kg and ducks have an average of about 3 kg of live weight. Egg-laying productive and up to 200 eggs at improving conditions. The eggs are oval in shape with a sturdy shell, pure white or yellow shade with small dark spots. Oplodotvoritelnost hatchability of eggs and newborn ducklings are about 75-80%. Safety fledgling young is more than 95%. Such relatively high rates of egg production allow to carry Mirror ducks not only meat, but also the direction of the egg.

Mirror duck has the physique of average size. The muscular system is well developed, back straight, almost horizontal, but closer to the neck slightly elevated body. In general, the body a little bit elongated and wide. With regard to the toe loop, a small head, slightly flattened on the sides. Neck muscles are developed very well, but on the whole neck is not thick, but short. A bit more than the average length of the curved beak without. Limbs of medium length with the presence of the pen. The wings are not fully developed, the tail of a small, slightly elevated from the ground. The most common colors Mirror ducks considered: pure white, gray, silver color, but the most important difference – it is noble and beautiful green color, which is especially evident in the light. For drakes also typical when the pen on the head and the tail has dark blotches in the form of points.

The most common species of ducks Mirror on the territories of Russia and Belarus.

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