Gubernatorial geese description

Description, photos, breed characteristics Gubernatorial geese breeding for home and contents

Description, photos, breed characteristics Gubernatorial geese breeding for home and contents

Governor pedigreed breed of geese bred only a few years ago through a complex selection. In 2011, at the “Makhalov” together with scientists, competent in this matter, long 1 years working on the creation of a new breed of high-quality with high productivity. Gubernatorial geese were created by crossing one of the native species with Italian geese. The experiment was a success, and a new breed has inherited a good viability, precocity. The next step was the removal of breed selection of the best individuals to breed got stronger and got rid of any genetic diseases or defects. Gubernatorial geese mainly differ from the other species of geese down coat color in young animals, which has a gray points, but with age they molt and plumage takes on a white color.

Dimensions Gubernatorial geese less than the average, so that all parts of the body are small, not proportional. The head is small, without the characteristic build-up; The back is broad and flat, the chest arched forward, short limbs and tail. Beak and legs are orange. Thermal insulation properties of down are high.

The breed is small, but the rates are quite high precocity. Gosling born relatively small, but after 2 months young reaches the masses of more than 4 kg. For the full development requires a large amount of feed to the calculation of almost 3 kg per 1 kg of live weight. With good care of one adult 45 goose eggs can be obtained for the year.

The farm farmers use Provincial geese for meat production, eggs and down. At home, they grow quite easily, because the safety of young an average of 95%, and adults – 97%.

Proper care of the provincial geese can significantly improve the properties of the rock and get more meat. Another plus is the direct polegaemost Gusakov, allowing it to serve more geese.

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