Geese Danish Legart

Photos, description of breed geese Legart Danish home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of breed geese Legart Danish home breeding and maintenance

Breed goose Legart Danish recognized worldwide among the best. Homeland breed Legart is Denmark.

Legarty are medium-hard rocks, but in its category they are one of the largest. Adults Gussaki can dial up to 8 kg, and the goose – 7 kg. This is a fairly high rates for women and for males. The trunk is small, but is elongated, the neck is short. At the bottom of the belly is formed fold. But perhaps the most unusual and distinctive feature is the blue color of eyes.

In adults Legartov plumage is white, but the birth of fluff, which has a yellow color with dark spots. Another feature is that the young goose bring their first chicks born with a certain difference from the subsequent cycles.

Little goslings removed in bloom yellow with dark spots, but gradually, as they grow older white fluff molts, and in its place grows white feathers. And a little ugly gosling into a beautiful and noble bird, as if from a fairy tale by Andersen.

Goose for the year can carry about 40 eggs, each weighing 200 grams each. Despite such high levels in egg production, the output of the geese is very small, about a little more than half (60 -65%). Those goslings that were born safely, have a strong immunity and resist pests and diseases. To grow from a small gosling goose full, you need to take care of the availability of good grazing and supplementary feeding. The enhanced feeding do not need, they can be filled with a small amount of food as opposed to other species by about 20%. Despite its size, precocity Legart very high: in just 8-10 weeks young weighs about 6 kg, and a month is already more than 7 kg. In general, adults will reach 9 kg, this weight accounts for 70% of meat and other valuable products. as the result of a high survival rate doubles.

Legarty very good breed for growing in the home and small quantities because they have good character. They are calm, balanced, not aggressive, quickly become accustomed to the owner. For people do not rush, do not emit a lot of noise. Often the goose does not show a maternal instinct, so their eggs to hatch on their own do not. At first glance, one can not distinguish Legartov of Italica geese, but if a good look closely, the difference is still evident: young Danish geese are much larger Italica. Some similarities there are also other not less famous rock Emdenskih geese. Here, the main difference is the character. Emdenskie geese are pretty aggressive, capricious and a lot of noise in contrast to the quiet and calm Legart.

Eggs Legart big and heavy, but the goslings are born relatively small. Its weight is quickly gaining goslings on green pastures and ponds, as if to feed them quality food, it will grow more quickly, not only meat, but also the liver. Because white plumage bird has a natural pink color and looks commodity. To get as much quality meat, it is necessary to carry out the slaughter in the late fall – early winter, when the goose has not spent all the accumulated reserves for the winter. By that time, absolutely all spring and summer geese grow and can gain the maximum weight. Around this time they are already 8 months and they are ready to mate, and with the onset of warm, sunny days, goose eggs begin to hatch. Typically, males mature a little earlier geese, but Legart opposite: goose mature for a couple of weeks earlier.

At the present time Legarta often confused with other breeds, to improve quality. For example, to increase the mass of the Danish geese crossed with large gray gander.

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