Pigeons flour description

Description rock flour pigeons characteristic origin story and photo

Description rock flour pigeons characteristic origin story and photo

Introduced species was originally bred in the territory of India. These pigeons rock flour different in that, compared with other birds, bred in this area, the pigeons quickly accustomed to humans and domesticated is absolutely no problem.

Consider the exterior signs of rock flour. Thus, inherent in pigeons: slightly elongated head end, at the top of the head gently placed the crest; eyes actually always dark, round eyes small rings, the color of the flesh; cervical area is not very long, the foundation of a more enhanced and closer to the neck portion there is some narrowing of neck is fairly elongated and constantly moving with intense shake; straight beak is medium in size; poorly developed cere; medium size, toned body; chest deep and wide; the tail portion is narrow and extends to the end; legs are quite low and do not have the presence of feathers. Externally visible all the different colors of feathers. The head is virtually always white, and the rest of the body has a beautiful silky sheen that shimmers beautifully in the sun.

Often, for the breeding of varieties of flour come from true connoisseurs of poultry because the pigeons really created for domestication.

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