Orlov breed chickens

Description, photos, breed characteristics of laying hens for breeding home

Description, photos, breed characteristics of laying hens for breeding home

So consider one of quite interesting and mysterious chicken breeds – Orlov. In many ways orlov birds are considered similar to the lines of fighting the Malayan. According to many scientists found the facts assumes that the breed breeding time has passed more than 200 years, but the very origin remained a mystery, but the truth is, not without guesswork. Some suggest that in the distant past when Prince Orlov, Orlov Chesmensky created birds that sounds very true, because then it is clear, where there is such a name. Also allowed the involvement of the removal of the Asian poultry breed that made the rock on the basis of existing Persian birds, which were connected Malay Chicken and bearded smoke, with variegated feathers. Even as an option was the Russian ancient origin, as evidenced by past name of the breed – Gilyandskie, as it is a piece of evidence of the importation of birds in Russia from Iranian regions. And yet, despite the fact where the birds were bred in Russia they appeared in areas of the 19th century. Was breed is widespread and is considered one of the best in the poultry industry due to its efficiency in genetically modified her directions, namely: meat and egg. This was the reason to establish the breed standard norms.

The Russian imperial poultry (about 1914). average annual production of eggs – about 145-155 eggs. The weight of one – 55-65 g with a white or light brown paint. Especially intensive egg production occurs in the winter seasons. Also breed is famous for its excellent meat. Live weight of mature chicken (in rare cases, about 3 kg) – about 2.3 kg, roosters (in rare cases, about 4.5-5 kg) – in the areas of 3 kg. In Orlov individuals incredible endurance to any climate, it has an excellent acclimatization to very harsh conditions and low temperatures.

As for the special feed such birds or places of detention can also do not worry, because they are very undemanding. But the breed is also a minus. Representatives are not very intensively grow and develop in their weight for a long time, young chickens have feathers, egg production is also not about the many positive: sweep start late and, in comparison with other varieties of species, are not a very large number of eggs. Externally, the birds look like prey: the proud posture raised sufficiently large and convex body, a broad chest and back part, long, interesting arched neck, high and fleshy legs yellow. Head fairly large because of the great and powerful of the occipital bone, eyes bright red, clearly marked eyebrows and a small yellow beak. Because of the large beard and tanks is almost invisible earrings and ear lobes scarlet – is very poorly developed. In the building is a little different cocks own size (in proportion to the large size), vertical torso and lower legs long legs. Orlov breed is characterized by abundant and luxuriant plumage of different colors (red, white, black, calico, mahogany, ie mahogany shades). For the birds preferred and is considered the most beautiful calico coloring, it is characterized by brown shades with red background and a small bright or dark spots. Neck and nape of the neck, a long tail feathered quite intensively, it does look like birds to the shape of a ball. Light gray, brown, or white feathers and beard tanks (that is the hallmark of Orlov birds) and small with bristles and feathers leaf-comb. It differs slightly masculine representatives of its parts neoperennoy yellow belly, as well as skin color.

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