Minorca, chicken breed

Description hens for breeding in the home, photos and characteristics

Description hens for breeding in the home, photos and characteristics

Chickens breed Minorca previously established Spanish scientists to output breeds crossed with each other a lot of species, which tend to reside in Spain. On the territory of our breed has got quite an unusual and interesting way. Earlier (about 1885), one of the representatives was presented as a gift from the Turkish khan. But after a while a special form on the breeding of the breed was established in Russia. Themselves are poultry egg direction and a start sweep has 5 or 6 months. Average annual statistics showed the number of egg production – about 160 eggs. Weight of about 60 grams with a snow-white shell. One adult chicken is about 2.1-2.5 kg of live weight, cock – 2.7-3 kg. safety indicators in mature birds – 87% of young – 97%. Chickens minorca especially birds and can be productive is not everywhere, because they are very sensitive to low temperatures and damp, therefore requires constant care climate. In the room where the birds are bred mainly poultry-lovers, need special temperature sensors, minimum ventilation and microclimate.

For their external data very graceful birds, with a fairly long torso, broad shoulders, a deep convex breast, a long neck and smooth line, smoothly passing to erect tail. At normal size head is placed a small comb (the chick he hangs onto his side, cocks – standing right), black beak, white oval lobes, dark-brown eyes, rather long earrings and a red face. Feathers in chickens minorca black, glossy, often with green iridescent shades.

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