Light Brahma

Characteristics, brahma chicken, chicken breed, description, photos

Characteristics, brahma chicken, chicken breed, description, photos

The breed is considered one of the decorative, but because of its fleshy it is not confused with other species. After growing incredibly fast gaining chickens live weight. For six months the young birds weigh up to 3.5 kg, and adults – 5-7 kg (from which they could hardly stand on his feet). As you know, we will focus on the meat breed. During his endurance and can easily be kept in cold and damp areas. Their rapid growth depends on productivity and incurring eggs. At five months of age the birds start laying eggs (average of 100-150 eggs productivity figure), the weight of one – 55 g, and in color – brown with cream shades. Particularly intense rush during the winter seasons. Taste characteristics are positive meat product characterized by a certain roughness.

Different breed of their demands, namely-range. Birds are very quiet, easy to obey and tamed. But outside the main indicators of their previous steel quality for which they are considered decorative. This was the cause of loss of productivity of the species. In the works of amateur poultry farmers with each generation more bred Brahma light to decorate their backyard and chose only important decorative birds. It is not strange, because the breed has a very lush feathers on all areas of their body.

On the surface are large birds, with short broad back and chest, a large square body. Bones have not broad, yellow skin and fingers. On their small head – medium-sized forehead with pronounced eyebrows, yellow, horny (sometimes with black stripes) and a strong beak. The front part and earlobes are very smooth, scarlet hue, as well as deep-set eyes breed has a medium-sized, short, pisiform red crest, which is divided into three hollows; medium length, not sharp earrings; long with a lot of neck feathers (mainly developed mane). Legs birds thick, fleshy, flat, characterized by its own plumage, as well as on their four fingers (from which the opera middle and outer). Medium sized wings, abundant adjacent to the body, small tail fan-like shape.

Feathers of birds of superiority among other breeds. Increased fluffy mane down to the part of the shoulders and legs are covered with feathers strongly, making the birds more posture proud and gives the weight of gravity. Light Brahma still considered similar with the Colombian rock, due to its particular color. Appearance is described between silver and white color, Coloring cervical necklaces, moving parts of the wings and tail – dark green shades stripes in the middle. Hen feathers on his back completely white. Roosters have a very dark mane and black stripes on the back, but when such a light mane shades on waist impossible. In birds, crystal white tails, any yellowness considered rejected. In contrast to the day old chicks, they are covered with abundant yellow fuzz.

This kind of productive enough. The weight of a mature chicken – 3 kg, cock – 4 kg.

That light Brahma breed is a real boon for the poultry farmers. There are such instances are relatively expensive, but they are often bred in individual farms in the collection, which are trying to preserve the breed as a genetic reserve.

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