Black Australorp hens breed

Characteristics of chickens Australorp black mottled, description, photos

Characteristics of chickens Australorp black mottled, description, photos

Most encounters breed in Estonian land tenure, although breeding birds involved Australian researchers to limit the basis of black orpingtonskoy breed. In the territories of the Soviet Union, the bird appeared frequently, and a long period of time studied and spread by domestic poultry farms.

For birds characteristically quite calm demeanor, they are bred in special and private places. This kind of involved in creating distinctive from other eggs with colored shell. Eggs themselves have color close to the brown. The weight of one egg about 55, the average number of egg-laying hens improved selection – 190-200 eggs. According to their data to a breed listed meat and egg. Own this exterior and biological characteristics: dark green with shades of fluffy feathers and a chicken in white or grayish spots on the abdomen. Scallop the sheet, and a low elastic with five teeth. A small head with big brown eyes and red ear lobes. Housing spherical, large and wide enough, like a plump breasts. Medium dark gray upper part of the legs and to the bottom of the lighter. Small tail, which angle -45 °C, is drawn closer to the dorsal part. The live weight of mature chicken – 2.5 kg, males – 3.5 kg. In contrast to the black plumage color the breed is much lighter. Preservation is 88% in adults and 95% in young chickens, while the carcass beautiful presentation.

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