Cornish hens breed

Description of species for domestic breeding, photos, characteristics

Description of species for domestic breeding, photos, characteristics

Hens Cornish refers to beef birds. For its meat productivity of the live weight of mature chicken – 3-3.5 kg of cocks – 3.5-4 kg. Young birds have an intense desire to grow and approximately two months of age weigh around 1.5-2 kg. The average annual egg production is about 140 eggs. Weight 55-60 g of a light brown color. The breed does not differ much of its reproductive. The number of fertilized eggs is not much more than the number of incubation. In general, the new generation of Cornish is not so easy to breed, but in itself is a kind of original and became the basis for beef in the economic poultry. This breed was developed in the British poultry farm where being based on the Fighting Hens, Malay and Azil, using complex cross-breeding with white Malay Chicken chicken and Cornish dark. On our land representatives it was imported at about 1959-1973 years. To us they were from the USA, Holland, Canada and Japan.

Externally, the birds have a normal trunk size, large convex convex back and chest, powerful, fleshy, yellow legs that amply supplied with respect to the body slightly raised and not very long neck. At a sufficiently large and rather short head yellow beak, red (as the average earlobes), quite low tenements eyes and clearly showed a clear brow line that betrays little Cornish evil and aggressive look. The fundamental color of the plumage of birds – white, but there are a number of other different colors (black, yellow, dark orange with a frame). Newborn chicks have a light yellow fuzz.

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