New Hampshire, chicken breed

Description chickens, photo, characteristics

Description chickens, photo, characteristics

Chickens rock New Hampshire is one of the varieties of the breed Rhode Island Red. We invented this kind of multiple studies of American scientists in the state of New Hampshire, and from which there is the name of the breed. New Hampshire applies to meat-and-egg direction. The average statistical number of eggs is about 200 eggs. The weight of one – about 55-60 grams a creamy brown color color. For its meat productivity bodyweight adult hen – 2-2.5 kg, cock – 3-3.5 kg. Preservation of mature birds of about 92%, young – 86%.

Birds are quite common in the poultry industry, because it is very profitable as the meat, as well as their egg production. The representatives of the breed does not require additional conditions, a special diet and not whimsical to weather conditions.

During its outward signs, the birds have a strong, wide body, elastic belly, thick medium length, large deep back and convex breast. On the small little head erect leaf-comb on yellow smooth face – bright red eyes clearly expressed. The representatives of New Hampshire yellow pale skin. Feather cover is not very abundant and fairly loose completely different colors. The main color of the feathers – brown or red. The flight feathers and tail feathers have a black shades. In males of color have more variety. On the mane and the lumbar part is dominated by golden color, shoulders – rich brown color, and a short tail, which is especially a lot of feathers, black, with shades of green plumage. The representatives of the breed golden hue line was laid in the genes from which they appear in the pen system. Newborn chicks have little hairiness similar as daily Rhode Island, but more light tides.

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