Miniature Wyandotte, chickens breed

Description small chickens hens, photo, characteristics

Description small chickens hens, photo, characteristics

Dwarf breed chickens breed Wyandotte quite famous in our territories recognized as an endangered species. They took a kind of back to the early 19th century, during which the number of dwarf forms superior to conventional breed Wyandotte. Over time, the bird is widely spread throughout the world and, as shown by the study, is not taken root everywhere. So, in our country it belongs to endangered species and to meet them can be quite rare.

The breed is characterized by its stamina, intense activity and energy. Conclusions and engaged dwarf line Wyandotte specialized on small plots amateur poultry and store them as a kind of genetic reserve for their own kollektsionariyah. Chickens, as is clear by their dwarf form, have only 0.7-0.9 kg of live weight.

The average annual productivity of eggs – 100-120, the weight of about 45 grams with a creamy-brown color. Externally, it is so called, small copies of normal forms Wyandotte, only much smaller in size and proportions.

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