Romenskaya geese

Description of poultry, photo, characteristics

Description of poultry, photo, characteristics

Romenskaya breed of geese, which is created by using a single-piece selection of the best individuals among the local Poltava geese.

Romenskaya geese are large, wide coat with a flat back. The rounded shape head, the neck is short and thick. The beak and legs are red-orange gradient. The tail is flattened, a little bit sticking up. Mature individuals typically have two folds of fat that are found in the abdomen and hanging down to the ground. Most geese have gray plumage, a large part Romenskaya white geese, and all the other Tans.

Grow to medium-sized, but quickly. Adult males Romenskaya geese can reach 6 kg in weight and smaller females of about 5 kg. During the year, the goose can lay up to 50 eggs weighing 165 g, which is 60% of the goslings hatch. Number of eggs fertilized relatively large – about 80%. Young growth is rapidly gaining weight and the age of 2 months, can weigh up to 4 kg, which is a pretty good indicator.

In Romenskaya geese very soft fluff, which is quite highly valued, as well as very tasty and tender meat. The only negative – it’s color, because color of feathers, it is not very attractive, which slightly reduces the price of the carcase.

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