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Domestic breeding and indoutok content, characteristics and photos

Domestic breeding and indoutok content, characteristics and photos

Despite the fact that indoutok breed is very old, apparently it has not changed much, but the differences between the musk duck or any other can be found easily. First, coat indoutki much longer, well-developed wings and large tail. The back is smooth, almost horizontal, without bending. Chest deep, a little thick neck. Pen rigid uniformly grows throughout the body, the most rigid in the area of ​​the tail and wings. The muscular system is very well developed, especially well seen on the neck muscles. On his head feathers a little longer. They lifted when indoutka restless, excited or scared. The limbs are short of corporal or a darker color with sharp claws and thick membranes. Of particular danger are becoming claws indoutenka newborn, as they are very sharp and strong, so easily pierce the skin.

Pen Color is 2 kinds: pure white and color. Depending on the color of feathers, and changing eye color. If indoutka white, gray-blue eyes, and if the color – brown. Beak small, came down to the end of the curved inward, pink. The most characteristic feature of all indoutok – Leather education pink or red color on the face. These folds and resemble warts related education in turkeys.

Muscovy duck is not only good productive qualities, but also therapeutic. Even when something scientists have noticed that it is possible to produce a special substance, which is further used to produce the drug, which is used to prevent and treat the common cold.

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