Chinese gray geese

Photography, oriental breeds description Chinese geese, characteristic

Photography, Oriental breeds description Chinese geese, characteristic

Chinese breed gray geese – one of the oldest breeds of China, the ancestors of which were local wild geese – Swan Goose. Actively bred in the East, and in the 18th century began to spread throughout Europe. Since that time, the whole of Europe and the post-Soviet space is filled with a large number of birds. At the end of the 20th century there were about 240 thousand purebred thoroughbred geese, and in our time – up to 450 thousand gray and white geese. Thoroughbred Grey Goose remains rather small, in most cases, they are held only as a material for further crossing. A more productive considered a cross between geese with other breeds. Thus, the improved performance of precocity, live weight and egg production.

Grey Chinese geese not only widespread, but also very valuable. The rocks are not quite poor exterior and active movement. In the year of the best representatives of the breed bring up to 100 eggs, and the average – 50-70 eggs, weighing 120 g Eggs are oval and strong shell white. Ripen Grey Chinese geese at the age of 9 months. Oplodotvoritelnost high, about 70-80% of the goslings are born safely. Goslings are born strong and rapidly gaining weight and the age of 2 months to reach a weight of 3.5 kg. Mature, purebred specimens weigh an average of 4-5 kg.

The body toned, elegant with a smooth back, a long neck and arched forward feeding. Head rounded shape with a bump on his forehead. Beak and a bump dark gray. Color gray, but her uniform. Most of the feathers are gray-brown pigment, but on the wings and upper extremities are points of white. From the shoulder line to the top of the head through the neck, held a dark brown line, which is a hallmark of the breed, it is called a belt. The belly is off-white color. The tail is short, gray with blond highlights. Also characteristic is the presence of the white strip that separates the bumps like a beak. The limbs are short and strong. There is another kind of Chinese geese, which are characterized by a white color and orange beak and legs bump.

Disadvantages breed is immaterial: the presence of colored feathers in white rocks, a thick neck, a bump underdeveloped and sagging folds.

Grey Chinese geese, mostly grown as a material for further crossing. A mixed breeds are very popular among the poultry farmers. The thing is that mixed breeds have better performance characteristics than the purebred. The most popular mixed breed considered Holmogorskoj, Italian geese, Vishtines and others. These rocks differ precocity, high body weight and egg production.

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