Javakheti geese

Photos, description Javakheti large breed characteristics

Photos, description Javakheti large breed characteristics

The name of the breed of geese Javakheti says about the origin of Georgia and Armenia, where this breed has been bred over the years. Experts report that the ancestors are the wild geese, who lived at that time on the Georgian and Armenian territories. To create a high quality breed and it took many years of effort. Local breeders engaged in careful selection of the best individuals to continually improve the quality of Javakheti. In our time, the breed is not very popular, mainly geese bred on private farms and small estates mostly in rural areas.

Javakheti geese belong to the middle type, so all the productive qualities are also average. Body dimensions are small, elongated toe, wide. The curved forward, broad chest, short neck. Head small, round shape with a small beak, some individuals have a small tuft. The limbs are short and strong. The wings are small, but powerful. On the belly there are one or two folds that sag slightly.

Body weight is relatively small: Gander as an adult can weigh up to 5 kg and the goose – up to 4 kg. Goslings are born small and helpless, but to 2-months of age, they gain about 3 kg. Number of goslings from one goose little as a year, it can bring an average of only 15 eggs, the best performance stopped on the figure of 25. also affects productivity and late masonry, which begins in only 11 months and last for 3 months. goose egg weighs an average of 145 g

Many will wonder: why, then, geese Javakheti still common in some regions, despite such low productive performance. But there is also a rock-esteem: in the first place – this excellent adaptation to the highlands of Armenia and Georgia. Not every breed can adapt to the conditions, where there are many rocks, sun and cold. Another positive indicator is almost one hundred percent of the fertility of eggs. Adults have a strong immunity, so easy to resist disease, pests and bad weather conditions. These qualities are trying to instill more productive breeds, so Javakheti geese used as genetic material.

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