Lufia goose

Photos, description, Shadrinsk geese breed characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description, Shadrinsk geese breed characteristic for home breeding

Shadrinsk geese breed was named after the city, where the breed was created. The specialists of the Perm province for a long time by continuous breeding. Ancestors Lufia were geese common gray geese, long considered wild. To breed has been improved, including wild geese were selected only the most worthy representatives of the best quality.

long selection and breeding period lasted for a long time, but still there are significant deficiencies in the external construction of the body and some of productive capacities. But despite these shortcomings, the breed actively bred in places where adverse weather conditions, particularly in the Urals and Siberia.

Lufia geese diverse coloration of feathers. Accepted distinguish three varieties: white, gray and mottled. In all other respects they are exactly the same. Medium-heavy type with a small, truncated sheepskin developed muscular system. Belly tucked up, sometimes a little fat hanging crease. The limbs are short and strong. The number of vertebrae to 1.2 less than in other breeds geese. This feature Lufia geese adopted in wild relatives.

Mature specimens reach Lufia geese in weight from 4.5 to 7 kg depending on the sex and feeding. Young goose can produce up to 30 eggs per year, weighing 140-150 g fertilized eggs rate is high. During the period of egg-laying goose she incubates its eggs without warming the eggs in an incubator. Little goslings have good safety and good health. Goslings gain weight quickly grazing in pastures. Without power feeding goslings at 5 months of age up to 5 kg are gaining weight.

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