Landes geese

Photos, description Landes, a French breed of geese, characteristi

Photos, description Landes, a French breed of geese, characteristic

Landes geese breed were created specifically for the production of high quality and solid liver. Experiments were carried out on the crossing to France. The basis was taken of Toulouse geese. For the first time in the post-Soviet space it was in the mid 70-ies of the last century.

Landes geese belong to the middle type of gravity. At 2 months of age, they weigh about 5 kg of quality feeding conditions. Despite the fact that the weight average goose 8 kg liver weight can reach 800 for a cycle of 25 can produce goose eggs. Little goslings are poorly preserved – only half of goslings survive to the 2nd month.

Mature Landes gander can easily serve the whole flock of geese. This quality specialists used to improve other breeds, lighter type. There is a special way in which the first generation of crossed breeds are available, more than 80 individuals who will have improved the quality of the parents in 2 times. If the gander weighs 7 kg and a goose 5-6 kg, is due to their heirs will weigh about 10 kg.

Despite the small size of the Landes geese, body construction have strong, muscular. Head round shape, slightly flattened on top. The neck is short, but thin. The limbs are short and strong. On the belly there are a couple of fat folds to sag to the ground. Feathers are light gray and dark gray color, the lower part of the abdomen is white. On the wings of flake color. Landes goose themselves good hatch their eggs, so the small backyards can do without an incubator. Geese moderately restrained, but if the flock is in danger, the goose just discourage it.

In order to improve the productive quality of Landes geese crossed with Hungarian, thus, mixed breeds up to 10 kg live weight. And that’s not all the benefits of a mixed breed. In most cases, Landes geese raised for production quality of the liver, which has a good demand and price. In a mixed breed liver weight may be greater than 800 g when heavily fed geese special additives.

Every worthy institution in the menu, you can see the “foie gras” – a delicious dish of goose liver. This is a very gentle, refined and expensive dish, so the liver is highly appreciated and in demand.

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