Band / Curly geese

Photos, description, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Photos, description, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Breed goose tape has also many other names, but it is also known as curly. The breed came into existence in warm regions near the Black Sea. Once the tape geese grown massively and across Europe and parts of Asia. Their number was nemerenno and exceeded 50 thousand. Nowadays population of birds has declined significantly and the loss of a custom destination. If anyone holding a tape of geese, then mainly as an ornamental. Another small part of the geese of this breed to be in special institutions where they study the properties and qualities.

As ornamental birds, geese Curly very attractive, but their small productive indicators. Have an average size of the body, the color of the feathers may be white or gray cross between. Breed curly goose is famous because of the unusual shape of the feathers, which are slightly curled, especially at the top of the toe loop, wings and tail. Mature individuals Curled geese are the most to gain in weight up to 6 kg. Goslings are born small, and after 60-70 days of their weight increases of up to 3 kg. Young goose per cycle can carry about 25 eggs, weight 150 g Only a little more than half of the eggs successfully fertilized and hatched goslings from them about 70%.

Precocity Curled low geese. Due to the poor state of preservation are many geese do not survive to adulthood.

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