Lind breed of geese

Lind goose, description, characteristics, photos

Lind goose, description, characteristics, photos

Lind breed geese deduced quite long and difficult. To display the breed with good quality crossed more than 3 different breeds including local. Because of this connection has turned out quite big and beautiful breed of geese: snow-white plumage and small bumps on the forehead.

The body is not large resources proportional, head and limbs relatively small, poorly developed, so when the goose is gaining a lot of weight may have problems with their feet. Nevertheless, this is the most common breed in the whole territory of Russia, approximately more than 50% of the total number of birds.

Lind geese breed with a well 50 for the year given the eggs are fertilized more than 90%. With that remain healthy and able to live more than 70%. Goslings rapidly gaining weight and up to two months may already weigh 4-5 kg, and at the age of 6 months can reach a weight of 7-8 kg.

Geese breed Linda have strong immune systems, so rarely suffer from diseases or pests in a more mature age. About 99% of breeds of geese Linda is absolutely no problem live to old age, and this is a record. But old age for the geese of this breed is something both innocent and as they mature by the age of 1 year and it is already possible to get the meat. Geese rapidly gaining weight and does not cease to grow, even in a difficult period of molting when goslings became strong start to dress in feathers.

For small goslings outdoors risks become crows. They can peck or steal chicks, so it is good to watch the goslings under the age of 1 month. Another advantage Lind geese considered herbivores. In order for the goose is good weight gaining enough good grazing without additional feeding.

The breed is one of the most popular not only in Russia but also worldwide. In the countries of Central and Western Europe, there are huge farms and farms growing geese Lind.

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