Indian Runner Ducks breed

Photos, description ducks breed Indian slider feature for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description ducks breed Indian slider feature for home breeding and maintenance

Very interesting and a specific breed of ducks – Indian runners, who are more valued for their appearance rather than for productive quality. Homeland Indian Runners located in Southeast Asia, because of the place of origin of the breed and has received the first part of its name. In the last century bred ducks began to take out of the chapels of the usual habitat. Thus, these ducks have appeared in Europe and America, which are held only in zoos. The local people showed much interest in the Indian runners.

The breed is easy to treat the type of egg direction. Indian Runners – the only breed ducks, which relate to the direction of pure egg. His popularity duck owe specific appearance. Unlike other species, the Indian runner has a substantially vertical toe, so apparently the duck is very similar to penguins. Form oval body, a bit like a bottle. Neck and limbs as long and thin, so when the duck is running, then it looks very funny. The color of the pen can be any color and hue from dark blue to white.

The nature of ducks a little nervous, they are very timid, so a lot of running around and constantly looking around. It is for these traits because people love to look at the Indian Runners. But not all of these ducks just kept in zoos, there are also farms where involved in breeding ducks for eggs.

In zoos in the territory of the enclosure always keeps the pond to Indian Runners constantly spend time near the water. If you keep this breed ducks at home, you should also take care of the presence of a reservoir in the territory, where they will live or graze duck. It depends on health and the number of eggs produced. Water is required medium to duck can keep clean your body, they love to swim and to clean their feathers, so they are always clean and nice. In winter when the pond freezes, Indian Runners love to swim in the snow. They are not afraid of low temperatures and adverse weather events.

Since duck breed Indian Runner – it’s not beef breed, the hard to feed them is not necessary. Enough to have a large area for grazing leads to birds. In the yard or garden ducks will find all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The main thing – do not let the duck in the garden, because after that there is nothing left. In winter, when more time duck spends indoors, and all under the ball of snow, it is necessary to add to the feed of different herbs: dill, spinach, dandelion, nettle and vegetables – potatoes, carrots, beets.

The most common type of color – light brown, it is found in a large part of the Indian Runner. But the most rare color – red with patches of ash, such individuals find quite difficult. But to show color is not as important as the exterior of the bird. Purebred, expensive Indian Runner ducks are those that have a long bushy tail and a big belly, the body should also be extended. The only thing that should not be too long, so it’s neck. If at least one of the indicators is more or less, the duck immediately gets rid of the title of the exhibition.

Indian Runners have a record output of eggs. Adult Duck is a year to carry up to 350 eggs a wonderful taste properties. Duck Egg Sliders has a taste similar to chicken eggs, so many it replaces conventional eggs. These great results are obtained if the duck will feel comfortable and has a constant opportunity to eat and bathe.

Indian runners, though related to the type of light, but their meat is highly valued in markets and restaurants. Taste great quality meat: the extent of fatty, tender with a pleasant aftertaste. But of course, meat output is very small, because the mature drake weighs about 2 kg, and 1.5 kg duck. Therefore, to grow the Indian runner for meat is not profitable.

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