Toulouse geese breed

Photos, description, characterization of Toulouse goose breeding in the home

Photos, description, characterization of Toulouse goose breeding in the home

Perhaps Toulouse geese breed – the most known and widespread breed of geese come from France. s Toulouse Experts have done a great robot to achieve such high results. The largest rock in the world was derived from simple gray geese, which were previously considered wild. This occurred without any mixing with other species. Inside were selected only the best of breed geese with high productive qualities. This process lasted for a long time, but the breed has gained the title of super-heavy.

Once the rock was born, then all of Europe finally sighed and filled a market with plenty of goose production. Toulouse geese began to dwell in almost every yard, town and country. Geese are so fit into the life of Europeans, which became a symbol of the many farms and households. All of this suggests that the work of specialists succeed.

The first poultry farmers, who realized all the advantage of the Toulouse breed lived, of course, in Toulouse, but very quickly the geese began to export to other regions of France. When the country’s population of birds has increased significantly, began to show interest in the breed and other countries. Within a short period of time the number of Toulouse geese has increased significantly and completely filled the Europe, part of Asia and America.

Toulouse geese massive, dark gray color in adulthood. Little goslings are born with a gun in light gray. This feature goslings preserved from its ancestor the wild gray goose. To date, there are some species of Toulouse geese, which are different coat color, or the presence of additional features. For example, you can find blue-gray geese or geese which have fold of sagging belly to the ground. Another type of breed is considered Toulouse leather fold under the beak, it can be very small or sag several centimeters, this fold is called a wallet. And according to separate the two groups of Toulouse geese: koshilkovye and beskoshylkovye. Most often it is grown geese purse because they are the most severe and precocious. Beskoshelkovye geese mainly grown on small private courtyards, because they breed well, but a little less live weight.

Great weight of Toulouse geese are gaining quickly and do not lose it, because moving very little. Therefore, meat fat, as fat accumulates and organs. Purse geese need to be fed only prepared forage because of independent food-producing in an open space, they are not capable. Beskoshelkovye geese on the contrary, it may be a good idea to gain weight on conventional pastures. In the cold of Toulouse geese better not to release to the open air, because they are very vulnerable to the adverse weather conditions.

Toulouse geese are heavy type, so the construction of the body is very strong. All parts of the body large and thick neck and limbs. The back is big and wide. For geese 11 kg body weight – no chapel. Geese have a weight of about 7-8 kg. Egg production is not bad, for the year a young goose can produce 30-40 eggs, weighing 180-200 g, but as the hens are not suitable, because the maternal instinct is underdeveloped. When using the incubator, about half of the goslings hatch, the other half of the eggs is unsustainable. Safety of young growth is low, only about 60%. If you can not use the incubator, the eggs can enclose under other breeds of geese or turkeys, chickens. Young goslings grow quickly, gain weight and get stronger.

Up to 2 months of geese weigh about 4 kg and it is already possible to score and receive high-quality lean meat, since s age accumulate more fat. Takzhegusi suitable for high-quality liver, which can be up to 500 g for the power feeding conditions. In addition to the power you need to take care of the premises for geese, especially if it is an area where large temperature differences and a lot of rain. The room should be warm and dry because of Toulouse geese are poorly adapted to adverse conditions. In winter, the geese do not have to produce on the street, so they do not get sick or frostbitten feet.

To date, the largest and most perfect center for the cultivation and improvement of the breed is the United States. Since that time, as the first of Toulouse geese were brought to America, the breed became very popular, so the experts started working on weight and precocity of geese. Ganders considered optimum weight weighing more than 11 kg, and goose least 9 kg. Gus – a very popular and valuable bird in America. At Christmas all the locals buy a goose on Christmas night to bake it in the oven and serve to the main holiday guest.

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