Uzbek fawn turkey

Photos, description, Uzbek pale yellow breed turkeys characteristic

Photos, description, Uzbek pale yellow breed turkeys characteristic

The breed is bred in the territory of Central Asia, the name of the Uzbek fawn turkeys of the same name to the country, where it received its existence. Experts working on the rock with high productive qualities and a good level of adaptation. To obtain such results, mated exclusively local breeds that are well adapted to the local climate. Nowadays Uzbek Fawn turkeys are the most common in the Caucasus and Russia.

Uzbek fawn turkey is very convenient to keep in the home, because it is not necessary to feed her hard, she perfectly graze in large open areas. Turkeys can spend the whole day on roaming in search of insects and grass. Another good indicator is related to the newborn turkeys, they all have a strong immune system, so almost do not die in such a small age. In all other indicators do not exceed the average level in the first place because of low weight and low rates of egg production.

Uzbek fawn turkey treat a heavy medium-type meat and egg direction. The trunk is small, strong. a medium-sized head, the neck is thin and long. Limbs and short beak. With the name of the breed can be guessed that the color of the pen is Fawn and brown with a red tinge. Mature male can reach 10-12 kg live weight and turkey – 5-7 kg. During the year the female can produce up to 60 eggs, which is considered a small result. Oplodotvoritelnost and hatching becomes 65-70%.

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