Pereyaslavskaya breed of geese

Photos, description, characterization of Ukrainian breed of geese - Pereyaslavskaya

Photos, description, characterization of Ukrainian breed of geese – Pereyaslavskaya

Pereyaslavskaya breed geese quite common in Ukraine, where it was displayed. Specialists for productive breeds crossed Romenskaya and Chinese breeds. Large centers where engaged in further dilution and improve exists. Basically Pereyaslavskaya geese bred on small farms in the Chernihiv region and the Krasnodar region (Russia). In the absence of centers where specialists are developing the breed, with time; poultry only reduced. So, finally, the 70-ies of the last century, there were about 2 thousand geese, then ten years later there are not more than 1.2 thousand Pereyaslavskaya geese.

His appearance Pereyaslavsky goose inherited from its parent China Grey Goose. The pen is painted in rich gray color, characteristic is the presence of a thin, dark stripes on the neck. Unlike many other geese, legs and beak Perejaslavskogo have dark pigment.

The proportions of the body are small, strong body, thick. The head is small, round shape with small bumps at the base of the beak. At the bottom of the belly sag two folds of fat.

Pereyaslavskaya geese are medium-heavy type, so the maximum weight a little. Adults weigh an average of 5-6 kg, depending on the floor poultry. Two-month goslings reach mass not exceeding 3 kg. During the year, the goose can produce 50-60 eggs from which hatch about 70% of goslings. But oplodotvoritelnost quite high and it amounts to 90%. Goslings are born fairly strong and able to resist disease, so the survival of about 90% of goslings.

Most likely, the breed did not become very popular due to the low level of precocity and minor indicators of meat. But, despite this, there are a number of positive qualities: a large number of eggs, a high level of fertilization and survival of goslings. As well as the ability to survive cold winters, rain and heat.

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