Obroshin geese

Photos, description of Ukrainian breed of geese - obroshinskie breeding

Photos, description of Ukrainian breed of geese – obroshin breeding

For years, on the basis of “Obroshino”, which is located in Ukraine, experts worked to create a new breed of geese. In 1957 the process was started in the business and began active development. First of all, the Chinese crossed the Grey Goose with white Ukrainian females. In parallel, Chinese experts crossed with Chinese White Grey Goose. Heirs and the first and second experiments later began to cross each other. To display Obroshin geese breed selected only the most strong and healthy geese, and whose descendants are the most Obroshin first representatives of the breed.

A new breed has gained a number of advantages: a large number of high-quality down, good survival of young, high egg production and rapid rate of increase in weight.

Due to such selective breeding turned geese two types, which differ both C1 and C2. Such branching happened because of different colors and some of the productive qualities.

To date, the most actively cultivated geese in Ukraine, mainly in the western and central regions. In Russia, the growing center of geese considered Saratov region. Another country that uses Obroshin geese for the production of meat and fluff, it Moldova.

The population of geese is increasing every year and is becoming increasingly popular among the poultry farmers. At the present time there are over 30 thousand thoroughbred geese, and even 20 years ago there were only some 6 thousand.

Obroshinskie geese are medium-heavy type that affects the construction of the body. Tulupyev small, strong with well-developed muscular system. Chest big, wide, arched forward. The back and neck without bending. Fat folds absent. The limbs are short and strong, orange, like a beak. Head small, round shape, thin neck. Medium length, slightly raised tail. The wings are big and strong, close fitting to the body.

There is a difference in the color of the feathers of geese Obroshin type C1 and C2. First, they have more feathers, which are gray in color and the other lighter.

Goslings are born quite small, but by the age of 2 months, they already weigh about 4 kg. Adults reach 6-8 kg, whichever is the goose or the goose. At the age of 9 months geese are ready for mating and laying eggs. A gander at that age is ready to get a small flock of birds. For a cycle of a goose can produce 30-40 eggs, weighing 160 g each. Oplodotvoritelnost eggs is quite high – up to 90%. But, despite this, only about 70% of the goslings hatch and survive the most dangerous age (up to 2 months).

Experts are working on the improvement of the productive qualities Obroshin geese. Raise the level of fertilization and survival of young, early maturity, egg production.

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