Kholmogory breed of geese

Photos, description, characterization Kholmogory breed of geese

Photos, description, characterization Kholmogory breed of geese

One of the most famous and popular among the meat breeds. Treat severe type, unpretentious, so it quickly fell in love with all poultry. Kholmogory geese to grow profitably in the small town or large poultry farms. The breed is highly productive.

Trace the history of the breed creation scientists can not, but most suggest that the ancestors of Kholmogory geese were Chinese and Arzamas geese. Cross them all in the same name with the name of rock terrain. But this is just a guess. In one all the experts are unanimous that Kholmogory geese – it is an excellent meat products.

The first recorded mention of the Kholmogory breed date from the late 19th century. Since then, experts have worked hard to improve
breed. Due to the frequent crossings, many qualities to lose, but to buy new. So there were new lines Kholmogory geese, but many to this day has not been preserved.

You’re only 2 major lines Kholmogory geese, which are different minor qualities. For the first variant of the characteristic features are: long beak, drooping feathers on the wings and a large body. These characteristics indicate that the blood of geese Kholmogory geese have an admixture of Tula.

Another variety is known for a shorter beak and bumps at the base of the beak. Bumps grows about when geese are ready to mate. But in the 5-6 months it is already noticeable with age bump will grow until it reaches 2 cm, and this happens only a few years later. These signs tell about the origin of the Chinese and local wild geese.

Kholmogory geese not only highly productive but also very adaptable to all weather conditions, making them a versatile breed. In temperate latitudes, where it is hot, then cold the geese feel comfortable, rarely get sick and condition proper care can live up to 17-18 years, which is considered the highest figure among geese. This is a great advantage over other breeds, so Kholmogory geese have become so popular among all categories of poultry farmers. However, longer duration and has some downsides. For example, mature geese only to the age of 3 years, which is quite a long time. Egg production has a rather large figures – about 30 eggs. Geese good males fertilize them about 80% of all eggs. Still, nothing compares with a record weight Kholmogory geese, which on average weigh about 12 kg.

It is particularly important

It is important that the room in which will be the geese was warm and breathing. It is best to use to build Gusyatnikov tree. It is natural, retains heat well, and is not toxic. If the wooden room is ready, you need to make sure that the gap between the logs were laid. Do this with dry moss or other material that geese are not necessary to pull out.

It is also desirable to wood and floor. To further insulate it possible to lay straw or hay. The main thing that was dry in Gusyatnikov and cool the floor – no problem. Therefore, in the construction of facilities for the geese is necessary to pay attention to the place of construction. It is important that there was no excess moisture.

We must beware of drafts, because the geese are very vulnerable to the wind. This should be taken into account when installing the doors, they need to be on the side where there is no draft. It is also important that the room was quite spacious. Calculate the area like this: 1 sq. m per goose. The lack of personal space can cause mass diseases and parasites, which will be developed in close quarters. Another disadvantage of the small Gusyatnikov – this rapid contamination. If the room will be more the right size, it is possible that the geese will be there to freeze.

It is also worth knowing that Kholmogory geese love the water, so if you can, then you need to kick them to the river or build a small piece pond.

Kholmogory geese – a beef breed, so if feeding strengthen, the meat will grow faster. For this fit wheat, feed or special mixtures for rapid growth.

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