Pskov bald geese

Photos, description, characterization of the Pskov bald geese breed

Photos, description, characterization of the Pskov bald geese breed

Specially bred, new breed of geese, which is significantly different from the other – Pskov breed of geese. The most distinctive difference is the bright spot on the forehead, where the feathers have white color. From the outside it looks like a bare place. Because of such marks in the people of geese began to call “bald”. In all other differences are not significant.

Pskov geese are medium-heavy type. The dimensions of the body are small and compact. The back is straight and wide. The neck is of medium length with a bend, is gradually transformed into a large chest just kick. The head of the round form with large dark eyes. Belly tucked up, but there is one small folds of fat, which is slightly slack. The wings are large and powerful, in case of danger can injure the attacker strong blow. The limbs are short, painted bright orange. Most geese have gray plumage, but with a light case of special pen. A characteristic feature is the presence of dark-gray stripes along the neck and in the light of geese, and darker.

A large mass of Pskov geese breed is no different. The average adult goose weighs about 7 kg and a goose – 5.5 kg. Young goose per year produces no more than 20 eggs, weight 180 g If the supplement daily diet of geese special additives, the eggs can increase productivity up to 30 eggs. Good weight gain Pskov geese on conventional pastures, where a lot of greens. At such a high quality built up eating meat. With a good goose fattening is rapidly gaining weight and building up high-quality meat. At the age of 2 months geese weigh about 4 kg, then the pace of gaining weight are reduced.

In 10 months, the geese are ready for full production and livelihood born descendants. Pskov goose eggs hatch themselves well, so there is no need for an incubator. On light is born about 70% of all eggs goslings. Safety of young growth is quite high. They are easy to experience adverse weather conditions.

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