Pigeons Jacobine

Photos, description breed pigeons - Jacobine, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance.

Photos, description breed pigeons – Jacobine, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance.

Presented a variety of breeds of pigeons Jacobine (Parikova pigeons) due to the unusual structure of the feathers in the neck area, which completely covers the area of ​​the head, often called Jacobine to the Russian Federation, and in many other European countries, the birds gave the name “Parikova”.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed. So the birds are inherent: the average length is not a body; body straight, slightly reduced at the shoulders; convex chest; foot red, medium length, without having perinok; tail section abundantly gathered into a bundle; medium-sized, rounded head part; seen in profile, well short and straight beak, slightly bent at the end, creamy; eyes are pearly or creamy, silky eyelids, the light shades such as eyeballs; wings long enough, the end of the gently falling down on the tail region. Presented a variety can be distinguished by special signs. For example, in the sides of the socket must be strongly developed, rounded, broad and dense forms in front and rear parts of the – on the contrary narrow and small. The area outlet is divided into three elements: the hat (you can cap), breast dickey (you can chain) mane (can comb). Characteristics outlet structure – monolithic. A hat is more long, abundant plumage that is completely smooth and has no sharp edges. Field shirt front chest rather thick, its line gently descends to the chest, valued part of the chain form, that is, the longer and lower occupancy – the better. Area mane quite curved, long, clearly rises from the dorsal part, with no fractures detected, up to the junction with the hat. The more curls closing with abundant plumage, the more valuable it becomes a sample. The coloring of the plumage is quite diverse.

Jacobine representatives of different ruggedness. Birds have good parental qualities, they are able to sit perfectly, and then bring up their own offspring. But, in such parental stages should be carefully monitored for the pigeons, feed them special food, and try to contain in a place where a lot of free space. In those reasons, that the representatives of this breed are very shy, communication with them has to be very careful so as not to frighten the birds. The quality of flight in birds is bad. And indeed, these pigeons quite gentle. They need special care. Although their interesting long fringe that falls over his eyes looked quite original, it can also cause the death of birds, if they can not see the predator in time to escape. During the output period, the beak should be shear, with this bird will be easier to nurse their young. To maintain the normal pomp pen bangs or a collar, you must create a special device on the basis of feeders and drinkers, because in both cases the bird breaks off his feathers. The basic color blue is divided into white, fiery shades and black saturated palette.

On the territory of our regions, pigeons Jacobine (Parikova pigeons) were seen in the second half of the 19th century, here they quickly adapted and acclimatized. Especially prized their unusual and perfect forms, which immediately won the hearts of fans-fanciers.

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