English duck Eylsbyuri

Photo, ducks breed description Eylsbyuri, characteristic for home breeding

Photo, ducks breed description Eylsbyuri, characteristic for home breeding

English Eylsbyuri ducks breed for home breeding created in England a simple farmer who lived in the nineteenth century, and in 1865 the breed was officially registered. Most super turned Eylsbyuri duck meat breed. Appearance is very marketable – skin pale pink, deep keel. Precocity – another advantage which has made ducks Eylsbyuri pets among the consumer market. The breed quickly gained the trust and in the 19th century became one of the most common ducks in all of London, and in the 20th century and in other cities and countries.

Tulupyev placed almost horizontally and without bends. The back is broad, large head, neck of medium length and thickness. Blue eyes, small brilliant. The limbs are short, but strong. The plumage is snow white.

Ducks breed Eylsbyuri are heavy type. Drakes actually reach impressive sizes: adult male can reach 5.5 kg, which is a record among similar. Ducks slightly less drakes, their weight is about 3.5 kg. And also the ducks have a good ability to lay eggs, a year can produce about 85 pieces. These figures fall to their liking, and small household yard and a large poultry farms. Currently Eylsbyuri duck breed – the most common type of ducks in England.

Eylsbyuri are quite good sitters, and themselves can hatch offspring. Newborn ducklings small, helpless, but up to 2 months of age to gain 2.5 kg and, if desired, can be carried out the slaughter. High quality characteristics of meat and precocity allow professionals to use the genetic material Eylsbyuri ducks to improve other breeds. Thus, for example, it is considered the most successful version of Peking duck crossing and Eylsbyuri. Created hybrids have higher egg production, early maturity and high quality meat. Such hybrids are few better than their father’s, since they selected only the best productive quality.

Not important enough to take care about the conditions of ducks, because here there are some nuances. The most important thing is to take care of a good flow of moisture. The fact is that too many Eylsbyuri secrete fluid, which constantly need to clean up, otherwise they will develop the disease and parasites. It is best if the room is for the ducks will be at an angle: on the slope, elevation, but if this is not possible, then you need to make the run-off on their own. If the ducks are going to keep the whole winter, the house is not exactly not do, it is necessary that they are in a warm and dry place, as the cold is bad for the health and productive qualities Eylsbyuri. It is especially important to consider when installing a floor in the house: it should not be made of wood, because a large amount of moisture will contribute to the rapid decay. It is best to do the concrete floor, but insulate it with the hay.

The ideal location would be considered are where the area is calculated according to these parameters: 1 m. 5 adult ducks. Young animals grow better in a separate room, a warm and dry. A layer of insulation to the floor material is to becoming about 10-15 cm. Hay or straw is often clogged and deteriorate, so it will have to be changed frequently. To ducklings were more comfortable and warm, you can pave over the straw powder lime, with the expectation of 9.5 kg per 1 sq. M.

The presence of the reservoir near the ducks content will significantly increase the productive qualities Eylsbyuri and help save money on special food. If this is not possible, it is necessary to ensure the continued access of ducks to water.

Duck family is calculated as follows: 1 5 drake ducks. This is the best option, then oplodotvoritelnost will be high and quality. At the age of six months begins puberty: drakes duck cover, and they in turn start to lay. Oviposition begins either spring or fall. It was at this time, drakes, and are most active. To breed is not weakened, for further cultivation and breeding need to select only the largest and most powerful individuals.

Eylsbyuri – a distinct breed to produce high-quality meat fast ripening and egg production. But the results did not disappoint, it is necessary to work on diet ducks. Primarily it should be balanced, so that the weft does not suffer obesity. The principle of the more the better – is not working. Feeding the need to carry not more than 3 times a day s, 2 nd first feed supply should consist of grains, and the last evening feeding need by kneading and feed broth or milk. Then the weight gain is rapid and without building a large amount of fat, which is bad for a surplus of productive quality. The most nutritious and high quality food for ducks Eylsbyuri is corn, so that it can be used in large quantities.

We must not forget that during the cold season ducks need warm food, so mash winter should be done on the basis of warm water or other nutritional liquids. Also do not forget about vitamins in the diet in the winter it is necessary to include vegetables, roots, tubers. With the advent of spring and the need to add more greenery. Particularly important are efforts to add vitamins to the diet of laying eggs before the spring. To avoid problems with the formation of the shell, you need to add calcium diet (crushed shells, shells, chalk).

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