Dove breed Sherk

Photos, description Sherk pigeons breed, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Sherk pigeons breed, characteristic for home breeding

Presented pigeons breed – Sherk, originally designed by Viennese high-flying rock pigeons, which originally lived on Czech territory. The time interval between the First and Second World Wars ancestors of birds Sherk almost completely disappeared from the pigeon farms throughout Czechoslovakia, where they were bred. Further pigeons noticed in the areas of Banat, where they researched and created a new species that has received the title – Sherk. At the moment, the most popular variety in the breeding provided us enjoys the same place where they first came into being. At the home of birds is called differently. For example, Arad storks. Also, the processes of research and improvement of varieties not stop. If in the beginning there were only black suit pigeons, now they began to breed except for the dark as various shades of red and yellow. By the way, another name “Arad storks” is completely justified, because Sherk presented the pigeons have the same process of molting, as the typical stork, which is called piebald. Over time, every time the birds moult, changing the number and colors feathers. For the birds characteristic of only one spot of white color, which is in the back or lumbar region, and all the other colors found absolutely diverse and unique.

Consider some of the exterior characteristics of the species represented. Golubye have: slim, compact body; convex, small chest; the dorsal part of the direct and profound; average head sizes; It is seen in profile, small, thin and short beak, which is both dark and light colors (color factor depends on the color of feathers); eyes meet pearly shades, and around the eyes – small circles such shade as the beak.

Birds have good schooling qualities highly developed flight function. Doves Sherk rarely domesticate, because the birds are much better feel on the outside, where they can create all possibilities for a comfortable and harmonious living.

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