Breed chickens Brahma fawn (buff)

Breed chickens Dawn fawn, characterization, description, photos

Breed chickens Dawn fawn, characterization, description, photos

The breed is considered more advanced amateur poultry at specialized farms. Birds also output in nurseries to preserve the gene pool reserve over time.

Brama fawn (buff) is more egg-oriented. Weight of eggs is 59 g, soft cream colors. Externally, it is a bird with a compact torso, long neck, large and at the same time a short back, broad and deep chest. His head Buff medium size, with clearly developed eyebrows that at first glance, makes the bird more serious and kind of evil. Small, divided into three hollows, pisiform scallop. Eye and ear lobes dark red color, medium length earrings. In the field of Brahma yellowish skin and tall, fleshy legs of the same color. Beautiful little wings and tail, with a sufficiently large amount of feathers. Plumage lush, loose, heavily feathered feet and 2 of the 4 fingers (middle and outer). These birds have a fawn color, while the roosters – for a darker base color mane. Productivity preservation of mature birds – 90% of young – 70%. The breed belongs to one of the line of Brahma breed, they are often bred with Brahma kuropchastoy with “wild” coloring pens.

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