Chickens Brahma dark

Home breed chickens for breeding - Brahma dark, photos, description and characterization

Home breed chickens for breeding – Brahma dark, photos, description and characterization

Brahma dark is another kind of Brahma breed. Dilute this breed mainly in specialized factories amateur poultry, which guarantees their reserve gene pool kollektsionariyah. Brahma refers to dark meat and egg line. Weight adult hen – 3.6 kg, cock – 4.6 kg. Egg production – 125 eggs / year, the weight of one – about 60 grams with a light cream color shell. Preservation of mature chickens – 84% of young – 67%.

Externally, the birds are characterized by the following data: a dense, medium body size; quite a long neck; big broad back, a deep full breasts; medium in size with a round head and prominent forehead, a little half-bent beak yellow (sometimes with gray stripes), dark red eyes and earlobes. Comb in the dark Brahma relatively small, is clearly divided into three hollows. The skin of this breed is white, sometimes with a pink tinge, but the color of fat, fleshy legs – yellow. Small straight ponytail, medium-sized wings and short plaits in the tail of the rooster. The plumage of the birds intense, a little loose. Especially profusely feathered tibia (yastebny tuft). Color feathers often dark colors with a pronounced outline pen. Chicken own gray tones, the head of a white ribbed tides for cervical branches black feathers edged with bright parts. The main body is dominated by gray and black colors on the lines of the floor of the pen of a prominent month (basically the paint on the thoracic or side). In males silvery-white head, on the neck and mane to the primary colors is added in the center of a black long strip on the shoulders and back all the same white with silver paint, on a large black stripe wings, the rest of the body is black, sometimes with green tides feathers, plumage feet – the base color.

Congenital darkish yellow, brown or brownish-red color is a disadvantage.

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