Camargue Horse

Photos, description horses Camargue breed characteristics

Photos, description horses Camargue breed characteristics

The representatives of the breed Camargue horses are owners rather unattractive appearance. Pets average or less than average size, shoulder area they are flat, and the head area is fairly massive, so it looks disproportionate to the body. The average altitude data among pupils at the withers range from 130 cm to 150 sm. Externally visible color of the coat varied representatives of the Camargue horse at birth may have a bright orange or intense shades of black, but as soon as the kids grow up, there is an inevitable process of molting, and then they They are exactly the same gray horses. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for their unattractiveness.

It refers to the species represented feral half white or light gray horses. Pets are natives as the title of the area with increased marshy, that at least should take no less than 650 square kilometers. Particularly strong common pets in the territories of the Mediterranean coast in some areas of France, namely in the area of ​​the river delta, whose name – Ron.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed. Thus, inherent in animals: a massive warhead; profile is often hunchbacked; cervical region rather short; shoulders are flat and are not very long. appearance is often presented horses can be described as primitive characteristics of standard horses. The breed has a lot of faults, but some of them are covered benefits. From pets advantages may be noted the convex and broad chest; the dorsal part of the massive and deep. The eyes are very large, thus creating visually expressive and penetrating eyes. The ears are fairly extensive, but not long, near the foundations of a more massive. Well developed withers. Neighborhood croup a bit short, but at the same time powerful. Limbs also large enough and dense hoof, rigid and strong as (thickness of hooves was verified that not need camargue horseshoe). Height withers among waver in intervals of 130 cm – 145 cm, but there are some lower representatives. For those reasons, that the breed is like from an ancient German origin, for all time, many breeders have tried to add something new in kind, therefore, at the moment there are many pupils who, despite the identical title, look completely different.

At birth, babies have crows and dark bay coat color the coat, but mature animals acquire gray coating at a certain time. The breed is considered late maturity, which is why horses can be called fully mature only in the period of five to seven years, but, in return, a significant disadvantage, it is possible to cover the fact that they hardy creatures, and often reach the age of 25 years. To distinguish the representatives of this species simply because they have a gray suit. In addition, you may notice gait horses camargue. Animals move proudly and bravely. Step they always wide and should rise high enough energetic movement of pets, horses stepping quickly and smoothly. Rarely it occurs when the Camargue is used to drive gait. For the true vershnika who understands horses, riding with these pets seem pleasantly memorable. Gallop them easy and confident. In addition, the horse is good think through their own work with cattle, because of the high intellectual abilities, they can advance to consider further actions and bulls for them poses no difficulty to cope with the whole herd as a whole, they have similar habits of shepherds with flocks.

Watch out for when the representative of the Camargue, with incredible white wool cover walks gallop near the surf – fantastic. Such spectacles are often reasons why tourists prefer those edges that are home to such horses. Large waves of curious tourists began calling for the authorities to make a special reserve for the rare representatives, who also benefit. In areas other than organized reserve is also home to horses, other local entities. Representatives of this species often live free wild herds in places where nobody can disturb. Once a year pupils concerned mandatory inspections, which are subsequently selected by all patients or representatives of the old order to prevent further adverse effects on healthy horses. In addition, a male castration of those representatives who do not meet certain standards of varieties, and young horses brand.

The widespread use of the Camargue horses found to protect the fighting bulls as pets perfectly manifest themselves in riding amateur walks. Due to the fact that pets lived initially at a rather extreme climatic conditions of the area, they have developed a high endurance, as well as developed muscularity, so that animals are very strong. Aging for horses is not an obstacle, because even at the age of twelve years, they are operational.

Total breeding Camargue representatives have proven to be quite active, agile, courageous and resistant animals. They are very peaceful, behave calmly enough, despite their wild origins. Even the most severe weather conditions or situations in which they have nothing to eat will not be a barrier to life for pets, that is, take them on a journey s pleasure itself. Popular horse also own instincts without any errors and their massive and powerful hooves are the guarantor of their adaptability to the hike, especially in the areas of water areas.

Initially, representatives of the Camargue is an indispensable a part of everyday life of an ordinary citizen, where pupils were withdrawn. For the first horse herders assistants, where they are used as Garda strong, hardy and docile pets, who are working with great herds of fighting bulls, that these bulls belong to the traditional cultivation of those areas. Although at first glance it seems that horses have a very small size of the housing for the power of work, they possess great strength and courage, even be able to safely move an adult male on a bog, without a single stop. Riding these lovely horses engaged and employees reserve, because the opportunity for them is always open and sometimes camargue become the only transport for them. The territory of the Camargue in France, refers to those difficult areas, where in rainy weather except on horseback and move no other options.

Every tourist, even passing by, should at least take a look at the excellent representatives of this species, which is incredibly strong proud inhabitants of the Camargue, because “sea creatures” white or gray colors, paired with the wild black bulls, already long period of time has the title of the traditional pride of the Camargue , they are considered a symbol and pride of the area.

You can often get an interesting action, which will organize the farmers. Specially trained horse ride visitors, mostly tourists. Representatives of the Camargue famous for light and soft gallop, because of their incredible power capabilities, pets can be easily moved to the rider himself big weight categories. For residents of the horses were “sea-horse”, they live close to the people, and therefore behave in a friendly, affectionate, willing to listen and quickly attached to someone. Because only to the corner of his eyes to watch the members of the Camargue attracts tourists from all over the world, we also recommend you to enjoy all the beauty and abilities of horses.

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