Holsteiner horse

Photos, description horses Holstein breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description horses Holstein breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In the first half of the 18th century were the oldest representatives of the German horses, which are now known as – Holstein horses. For a long period of time, over the breed of horses were conducted multiple experiments and improvements. First it was the big morphological changes that are made for specific purposes, which, in the end, have been achieved. At this point everyone should know about the existence of the representatives of this beautiful species of horses, as they are in the ranks of the best riding horses at the Olympic competitions of various kinds of equestrian sports, we note that the recognized champions in such competitions there are only three.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the horses. So, Holstein horses have: head portion of medium length; flat profile; neatly placed, long ears; big eyes, because of what the piercing glance; nostrils large enough. The neck region is curved and slightly elongated; the dorsal part of the straight and wide; large waist and long; District cereal spacious, clearly expressed relief; tail slightly raised area. The chest is deep and arched; abdominal part of the trim and well arched. Legs have unusual staging, which is considered ideal for the representatives of the horse species, and well-muscled limbs. Forearms are at a great distance from each other, and with well muscled; pastern region is completely flat and heavy, and their diameter ranges from 20 cm to 25 cm; themselves wrist thick and straight; hocks rather short, but strong; grandmother slightly elongated, have a curvature that extends to the dorsal region; powerful tendons. Rounded hooves, twisted, and with a firm and taut horny covering.

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